VADA offers art classes from 9th to 12th grade that will grow and challenge your artistic abilities. In addition to art classes, VADA students take general education classes following either a College Prep pathway or an Advanced Placement pathway.


VADA Classes

9th: VADA Freehand Drawing

10th: VADA Freehand Drawing Advanced/Intro to Graphic Design (SBCC Dual Enrollment)

11th: VADA Advanced Painting/Digital Imaging I (SBCC Dual Enrollment)

12th: VADA AP Studio Art or Honors Studio Art


College Prep

9th: English 9 CP

10th: English 10 CP + World History CP + Biology CP

11th: English 11 + US History + Marine Biology

12th: American Government/Economics


Advanced Placement

9th: English 9 Honors

10th: English 10 Honors + AP World History + Chem. Honors

11th: AP English Language + AP US History + AP Environmental Science

12th: AP English Literature