Capital Campaign

The Visual Arts & Design Academy (VADA) combines art and design education with a rigorous academic curriculum, including AP and Honors level coursework. It has an ethnically and economically diverse group of students mirroring the population of Santa Barbara High School.

VADA’s mission is to enable students to achieve their highest potential and professional readiness by teaching them some of the highest sought after job skills according to the World Economic Forum. Complex problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration, emotional intelligence, and cognitive flexibility are all purposefully developed within the curriculum.

VADA has a strong reputation for providing a safe, community environment for learning and creative growth.

To fully reach our mission and launch our students to meet their full potential for the 21st century, we need new facilities and modernization. Our current buildings are more than 50-years-old and lack the flexibility and space we need.

Working with a team of industry advisors including Adobe, Deckers & Patagonia, we have designed an integrated Design Lab and Art Studio training environment that will prepare our students to flourish in their future.

To achieve our goals, we have launched the VADA Capital Campaign to help raise the funds we need to build a leading campus for art and design studies.

Through our partnership with the SB Unified School District, a matching grant from the California Department of Education, and private donations, we have secured more than $4.7M towards funding. Please join us in raising the rest of the funds we need to build a new VADA campus and sustain the program for years to come.





The new VADA Campus links Santa Barbara High School's historic legacy to our mission of preparing students for their future.

rendering of proposed new building exterior
Designer's rendering of proposed new building



The New VADA Campus

21st Century Training Requires 21st Century Spaces

The new VADA space will be purpose-built to optimize the experience for our growing students and staff, overcoming the current overcrowding and inflexible classroom workspaces. It will be designed to mirror the standards of colleges, design firms, and creative businesses that are depending on us to prepare these students for their professional lives.

The goal is to double the campus space with a new building of 3350 sq. ft. while also taking a flexible approach to classroom organization and additionally provide a designated photography area and exhibition space. Improvements will also be made to existing buildings to enhance our academic and creative programs so all of our students are learning in a state of the art campus.

The environment of the new building will provide significant outdoor light with interconnecting, outdoor corridors to provide an interactive community space.

students painting live at the spring exhibition
Artists paint on location at VADA's massive Annual Spring Exhibition, where all students showcase their work.
proposed studio workspace
VADA students fluency with both traditional art and digital design media is fundamental to the VADA mission. The new building architecture physically links these two, creating an integrated design/studio work space.



Help Us Make This Visionary Creative Workspace a Reality

proposed classroom rendering


proposed classroom rendering



How We Plan to Achieve Our Objectives


Through our partnership with the SB Unified School District, a matching grant from the California Department of Education, and private donations, we have secured more than $4.7M towards funding. 

Please join us in raising the critical funds to make the new VADA campus a reality!


New Facility Budget

new facility budget



Your Donation Will Impact SBHS Students for Generations to Come

For more information please contact a member from our Donor Relations Committee:

DANIEL BARNETT, Program Director


PAMALA TEMPLE, 206-778-4666,